Toilet Time Pro MOD APK: Boredom killer Fun Mini Games to Play

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Toilet Time Pro MOD APK means toilet games. Sometimes it’s soft and just a quick game, sometimes it’s hard, and it drags your bathroom game for a while.

But now it can be a fun game every time because consistency is important when nature calls you to toilet games full of minigames!

Fill your bathroom game sessions with thrilling minigames that will make; you enjoy the toilet games for a long time and turn your restroom; breaks into spectacular toilet games parties.

The Outstanding Features

All the minigames within this bathroom game are an absolute necessity! Take a peek at all the quick games available:

  • Don’t drop the soap: in this thematic toilet game, tap the soap to avoid letting it fall on the floor!
  • Cover the seat: Drag the toilet paper pieces to cover the toilet seat so you can enjoy your toilet games in peace!
  • Squish the flies: tap the flies to kill them, avoiding the yucky bug that may have landed in another person’s toilet games!
  • Something in my teeth: a quick game where you need to remove the food stuck in the teeth by dragging it in the opposite direction
  • Trim the beard: trim the man’s beard without scratching his face.
  • Diaper throw: tap the screen to throw the dirty diaper inside the trash bin. Is your aim ready for these specific toilet games?
  • The wrong tile: find the different tiling on the wall in this bathroom game!
  • Golden Fish: guide the poor pet fish out of this toilet game by setting the plumbing straight
  • Crowded toilet: count how many people left their mark in this toilet game
  • Finish it: a quick game where you need to evacuate the meeting to finish your business
  • Erasing: clean up the graffiti in this bathroom game
  • Sticky toilet paper: save the bride from public shaming and remove the toilet paper stuck on her shoes. Nobody needs to know that she was also playing toilet games.
  • Cockroach: tap on the screen and kill the yucky cockroaches that come out of the drain where someone flushed what’s left of their toilet games;
  • Vacant: find a vacant cabin to use and finish your toilet games in peace
  • Temperature: a funny game where you need to regulate the temperature of the shower
  • Accident: save objects from the horrible fate of plunging into the toilet in this funny game
  • Tubes: avoid the smelly toilets wrecked by the way too many tacos!
  • Toilet Paper: all you have to do in this funny game is unroll the entire toilet paper roll
  • Cleaning: a quick game to clean the dirt from the toilet
  • Sort: help men and women find the right restroom

Don’t let anyone tell you that a fun game and toilets can be enjoyed at the same time. Thematics minigames are definitely not a waste of time!

After all, by playing these minigames, you’ll earn keys to unlock pivotal pieces of history in the Toilet Museum, such as the fabled Egyptian toilet and the complex Time Machine Toilet.

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